Process of Investing

What is the process of investing?

1. Open an account and transfer funds.
To begin investing at CFSG you must open an Alternative Investment Account at CFSG. Whether you want to invest as an individual, a corporation, for a minor, or through a joint or trust account, we offer an account type to fit your needs. Open an account today. It is easy to transfer money to your Alternative Investment Account from a bank account.

2. Build your portfolio.
Currently, there is a minimum balance on Alternative Investment Accounts. Investors may invest as little as $100,000.00 and up to $100,000,000.00 in an Alternative Investment Account at CFSG .

3. Receive payments of interest.
CFSG makes monthly, quarterly and annual interest payments to investors. Your portion of each interest net of CFSG’s Alternative Investment Account is automatically credited to your account as it is received by CFSG.

4. IRA Rollover/401k
Has no minimums and CFSG pays all fees with Mainstar Trust.